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July 6, 2018

What's Going On?


U.S. District Judge Stephen Murphy III ruled that the students of Detroit, MI do not have the right to literacy.



How Did it Get to This Point?


Detroit has been an experimentation project for many reformers. One of which was Betsey DeVos, whom for over a decade was at the center of pushing charter schools and school choice in Detroit -- to create "competition."



In addition to the issues listed in the graphic above, Detroit Public Schools was also under the direction of Emergency Manager, Darnell Early. Darnell Early was also an Emergency Manager during the timeframe when Flint's water was contaminated with lead from the Flint River. Although many articles call out Early as the reason for the contaminated water, he does not accept blame for this. Early alleges that the decision was made before his term in office and he didn't second guess it. It's interesting to me that this Black man is chosen as the face of both these crises when there are definitely more people involved. Nonetheless, it is worth noting.



But, "someone up top seems to always like Early." In the Detroit Public Schools lawsuit, Governor Rick Snyder, is also named as playing a part.


Go Fund Me!


I started a gofundme to raise money for the Detroit Public School system. The lawsuit stated it would take $500 Million to restore the school system, so that was the goal I set.




This is a significant amount of money, and it is my duty to ensure that it ends up in the right hands. If the government is not going to enforce, that at the BARE MINIMUM our babies are in school to read and write, then don't worry, we got it from here! Please recognize that this is not a joke or a gimmick or a scam. If that ruling sticks, it is going to effect public school teachers everywhere.



Full Disclosure: I am still narrowing down organizations to give the money to. 100% of the gofundme money will be given to an organization of my choosing. This organization will be well researched, have a proven record, and have a complete plan for restoration of Detroit Public Schools. Click here to Donate.


*50% of proceeds from the I CARE shirts go to this fundraiser.


What's Next?


I have reached out to the lawyer on this case, Mark Rosenbaum. I've also been in contact, and connected with, people on the ground. I am currently vetting recommended organizations.


In the meantime, read up on this case (resources listed below). Have this discussion with your peers. Find out what this means for you. Do not remain silent. Use your voice.


I will continue to do my part.


Resources/Articles to Read:






































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