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You've Been Mugged!

Teacher Magic Mug

As you may know, part of our mission here at Teacher Magic is to build a strong network of educators. There's really no one that could possibly understand what it is like to be an educator than another educator, and that's why we believe having a #teachertribe is so important.

When I came across the Teach Create Motivate "You've Been Mugged" Staff Sunshine post on Pinterest, I instantly knew this was something I wanted to incorporate amongst my growing community of educators. (*Hugs*) Please don't miss out on this ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE idea!!!!

How it Works:

1. You purchase a mug and fill it with a few teacher goodies. (Ex: flair pens, markers, stickers, candy, etc.)

2. Head on over to Teach Create Motivate and download the "You've Been Mugged" cards. (It's a freebie!!!)

3. Secretly place the mug of goodies and "You've Been Mugged" signs on another teacher's desk or in their mailbox.

4. Pat yourself on the back for instantly brightening someone's day and completing a random act of kindness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's it! You're done! Now, it's the responsibility of the "mugged" person to refill the mug with goodies and secretly pass it off to another teacher.

Once "You've Been Mugged", simply place the "I've Been Mugged" sign on your door so you don't get "mugged" again.

Now, where oh where are you going to get a mug that PERFECTLY fits the theme of spreading sunshine amongst teachers...?

Of course, you are going to visit the Teacher Magic Shop and purchase one of our mugs! (shameless plug)

But wait...

There's more...

Since I happen to be super excited about this idea, I'm going to include a starter kit with the first 10 mug purchases, at

no additional cost!

With the free starter kit, you won't have to purchase anything other than a mug from our shop.

Hurry on over to our shop so you don't miss out!

Teacher Magic Mugs
Teacher Magic You've Been Mugged

To download the freebie from Teach Create Motivate, click the image below and follow the steps on her page.

You've Been Mugged Staff Sunshine

Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook when you receive your products and set them up! Have fun!!!

"Believe There is Good in the World!"-unknown

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