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This project is modeled off of The North Star, an abolitionist newspaper written by Frederick Douglass, that sought to give "African Americans" a voice as authors, editors, and orators of the injustices they faced. The North Star mainly focused on current (abolitionist) events, however, editorials, letters from readers, articles, poetry, book reviews, and advertisements were also included.


The purpose of this project is for students to research current and former Melanated Indigenous people of Africa that are original to the land that forms all continents by way of Pangea or the Intercontinental Drift but more specifically, highlighting those that are or have lived on the continent of "North America". These Melanated Indigenous people are referenced throughout global society as Black, Brown, and/or African American. For the purposes of this resource, Indigenous is the term that shall be used.


Students are encouraged to work with family and/or community members to learn more about Indigenous history, present, and future in their local area. Additionally, students will write reviews of books written by Indigenous authors, create advertisements for products invented by Indigenous people, and highlight Melanated Indigenous people of African descent throughout the world via travel guides.


This is a digital pdf product download. An editable PPT file will be sent directly to your email as well.


Thank you for your support.

Magic Star Newspaper Project

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