COMPUTER 101 is a comprehensive program that will teach your child, or student, everything they need to know about computers, technology, and the internet.


In this course, students will watch videos, attend live sessions, and complete interactive lessons. After the first unit, students will need minimal to no support with logging in and completing the lessons. We will review important vocabulary as I walk your child through the basics of turning on and off the computer safely, utilizing common software, protecting themselves on the internet, proper email etiquette and more.


We don’t know what the next school year has in store for our children. Even if students are allowed to return to school, we must be prepared for the possibility of the need for some virtual or distance teaching. Additionally, now that our children have been exposed to technology at this level, we need to ensure that they are continuing to engage and learn how to use technology effectively. With this course, your child will be able to confidently work independently while completing online tasks at home or in school.





This virtual class begins July 15th, 2020.

*Sponsored child will be a K-5 Atlanta Public Schools student

Computer 101


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