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Teacher Magic is growing!


We have decided to open up our website to other businesses that service educators or make products that educators love. We are opting to begin with direct advertisements, so that we can remain in control of the content that is shared on our website. We are proud to promote the brands that we work with.


Teacher Magic is a network of over 2000+ educators that are committed to making a difference in education. Our mission is to share relevant information, inspire great minds, and build a strong network of educators. Ultimately, we seek to prepare all educators with the resources they need to collaborate effectively, and have the courage to advocate for themselves and their students. 


Majority of the educators that visit our website are interested in reading our truth-telling blog and learning about our workshops. They are educators that are vocal and pushing the culture forward in their own ways as well. They are educators that love to support other educators and collaborate. They are educators that you want using your products and sharing them with the world, simply because they value good stuff.


We would love to help get your products in front of more educators. Feel free to email if you have any specific questions.

Star Gazers:

There are multiple places to advertise on our site. Ads run for 30 days.  

Level 1: Parent Portal $50

Level 2: Freebies $75

Level 3: Blog/Workshop $100


Upon purchase, I will email you and correspond with further details.


Please Note:  It will take 24 hours for me to get your products listed on our site. Don't wait until the last minute. Sales and traffic are high.

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