WARNING: I'm the teacher that is most likely to be written up for defending their pedagogy.


Visible tattoos, lover of crazy color hair, rebellious, curious, creative, bursting at the seams with passion, and definitely NOT afraid to use my teacher voice! All of these characteristics are what I LOVE about myself and what makes me relatable with my students, but they're also what have resulted in me being targeted by administration. 


Being UNIQUE is something that should be celebrated, but many times people don't understand different and they will label it as a problem, or something that needs to be fixed. How many times have you experienced this personally, or witnessed it happening to your own students?


I decided I had to make a change, that would help me rediscover my "why." If my administrators weren't going to hear me out and share my concerns, then I would speak directly to teachers and form a network so strong that they wouldn't have a choice but to listen! And so, Teacher Magic was born!


Since 2017, Teacher Magic has allowed me to connect with other like-minded educators, be encouraged to keep moving forward, and inspired me to continue sharing my magic while affirming other educators of their own greatness. We partner directly with educators to provide relevant workshops that reignite your passion for teaching, and give you the courage to advocate for yourself and your students.   

So what are you waiting for? Join our network of 2000+ educators, and let's work together to make sure all teachers are being supported and celebrated for the <3 work that we do!  

Mission: To share relevant information, inspire great minds, and build a strong network of educators.